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2018 Red Apple Grant Recipients



Red Apple Grants are awarded to Warsaw Community Schools' teachers two times per calendar year, January and June, through a competitive application and selection process.  The January 2018 grant recipients include 12 teachers representing six different schools who have been awarded a total of $7,810.53 for projects to encourage academic growth and exploration with their students.  The June 2018 grant recipients include seven teachers representing six different schools who have been awarded a total of $9,238.17.


FRONT L-R: Jacob Crone, Jon Scroggs, Justin Weaver, Heidi Class, Abbi Richcreek
BACK L-R:   Hannah Weaver, Leah Kilgore, SHelby Beam, Diane Scott, Mariah Lewis, Lindsey Wallen

Jacob Crone, Madison Elementary School - $601.47
Elementary Yoga Equipment and DVDs
Yoga for P.E. DVDs and Yoga mats to teach students how to reduce stress and increase their ability to focus

Jon Scroggs, Warsaw Community High School - $1,310.00
PEDDLE POWER:  Engaging in Engineering Design Process
Tools to learn the Engineering Design Process by repairing and redesigning bicycles as collaborative teams

Abbi Richcreek & Justin Weaver, Edgewood & Lakeview Middle Schools - $1,499.32
Drone It
Using drones, students will engage in the design process to develop solutions for real-world situations

Heidi Class, Mariah Lewis and Lindsey Wallen, Leesburg Elementary School - $1,466.87
Providing Opportunities for Differentiated Learners in the Kindergarten Classroom
Materials to accommodate different learning styles and foster confidence in academic achievement

Shelby Beam, Leah Kilgore, Carla Milliman and Hannah Weaver, Lincoln Elementary School - $1,437.67
Kindergarten Mathematicians Make Ten
Math manipulatives to support the new WCS Envision Math curriculum

Diane Scott, Lincoln Elementary School - $1,495.20
Teaching STEM Skills through Play, Teamwork and Project Based Learning
Lego WeDo Learning systems to teach design, engineering, computer programming and presentation skills



FRONT L-R: Tiffany Cooksey, Angela Luecke, Beth Walenga
BACK L-R:   Amanda Scroggs, Gena Kendall
Not pictured:  Deb McClintock, Connie Watters

Tiffany Cooksey, Claypool Elementary School - $1,484.53
Engaging ALL Readers
High-interest non-fiction text and activities to improve comprehension and promote literacy in underserved student population

Angela Luecke, Jefferson Elementary School - $1,253.19
Guiding Math Learning with Toolkits
Math manipulatives to provide effective, active and engaging materials for teaching math concepts

Beth Walenga, Lincoln Elementary School - $1,474.96
Wading into STEM
Waders and boot racks for students to use to study local wetlands and waterways as part of an ecosystem unit

Amanda Scroggs, Lakeview Middle School - $669.56
GAME ON:  Lending LIbrary
A variety of board games and "Escape Room" locks and boxes that have educational value, team-building opportunities and aid in making social-emotional connections

Gena Kendall, Lincoln Elementary School - $1,495.97
The Key to Learning is in Our HANDS
A variety of materials and kits to teach math concepts, improve fine motor skills and promote creativity

Deb McClintock, Harrison Elementary School - $1,500.00
School Gardens to Kitchen
Gardening supplies to create a 25ft X 50ft fruit and vegetable garden to supplement school cafeteria meals as well as classroom and afterschool snacks

Connie Watters, Leesburg Elementary School - $1,359.96
ROKENBOK STEM Lab Education "See Like a Designer, Think Like an Engineer"
Mobile STEM labs for hands-on engineering and design curriculum

Thank you to our donors whose contributions make our Red Apple Grant program possible!

Would you or your business like to support the Warsaw Education Foundation's Red Apple Grant Program?  Do you have a special interest in math, science, history, art, music, or any other field of study?  If so, we'd like to talk to you about the opportunities available.  Please contact the Executive Director at 574-371-5098 X2410 or Edfoundation@warsawschools.org