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2017 Red Apple Grant Recipients



Red Apple Grants are awarded to Warsaw Community Schools' teachers two times per calendar year, January and June, through a competitive application and selection process.  The January 2017 grant recipients include four teachers representing four different schools who have been awarded a total of $4,730.36 for projects to encourage academic growth and exploration with their students.  The June 2017 grant recipients include 10 teachers representing six different schools who have been awarded a total of $9,655.61.  


L-R: Barb Smolen, WEF Executive Director, Karen Sproul, Justin Weaver, Lindsey Brander, Rebecca Crim

Karen Sproul, Leesburg Elementary School - $1,500.00
Duckling Books Will Help Grow Kindergartners into Readers!
Leveled reading books, lesson cards, magnetic letter trays and letters to help students learn to read

Justin Weaver, Lakeview Middle School - $1,500.00
Prosthetic Kids Hand Challenge
3D printer, filament and hardware for students to learn prototyping to create a fully functioning prosthetic hand for a child

Lindsey Brander, Gateway Education Center - $1,185.56
Learning to Manage Emotions through Art Therapy
Art supplies to offer art therapy for students with emotional disabilities

Rebecca Crim, Leesburg Elementary & Lincoln Elementary- $544.80
Bach Meets Blocks:  Composing Music with Legos
Lego blocks and plates for students to learn music note values, relationships of notes to one another and in composing music


Front L-R: Cindy Shirey, Kaitlyn Murphy, David Bailey, Jeanine DeGeeter
Back L-R:  Karina Hoover, Beth Walenga, Melinda Oliver, Becky Brodhead, Jane Zellers

David Bailey & Mandy Bailey, Warsaw Community High School - $1,210.00
STEM Cooking Lab
Cooking supplies to create a STEM cooking lab for "at risk" students to explore the science of cooking

Jeanine DeGeeter, Harrison Elementary School - $1,254.60
Heimlich Heroes - Preparing Students to recognize and Respond to a Choking Emergency
Hands-on training of the Heimlich Maneuver using specialized training mannequins

Karina Hoover, Lincoln Elementary School - $1,394.70
Visual and Hands-on Learning for EL Students
Manipulatives and visuals to help English language learning students become proficient in English

Kaitlyn Murphy, Harrison Elementary & Eisenhower Elementary- $992.07
Easels and Drawing Boards:  Enriching Opportunities for Art Explorations
Easels and drawing boards for students to create art outdoors

Melinda Oliver, Lincoln Elementary, Madison Elementary & Washington STEM Elementary- $399.00
Warsaw Chess Club Enhancement
Six-month ChessKid Membership for 75 students to enhance chess skills

Cindy Shirey, Lincoln Elementary - $1,485.70
Stocking the STEAM Lab . . . We put the A in STEAM!
Incorporating Art into STEM activities using technology animation STEAM tools

Beth Walenga & Becky Brodhead, Lincoln Elementary - $1,470.00
Fin to Flower Aquaponics in the Classroom
Aquaponics kits combining aquaculture and hydroponics (growing plants in water in an aquarium with fish)

Jane Zellers, Lincoln Elementary - $1,448.54
Circuits are a Snap!
Snap Circuit Sets for students to learn about electricity and circuitry


Thank you to our donors whose contributions make our Red Apple Grant program possible!

Would you or your business like to support the Warsaw Education Foundation's Red Apple Grant Program?  Do you have a special interest in math, science, history, art, music, or any other field of study?  If so, we'd like to talk to you about the opportunities available.  Please contact the Executive Director, at 574-371-5098 X2410 or Edfoundation@warsawschools.org.