Recognizing Honored Educators in May



The following teachers and staff members of Warsaw Community Schools were recognized before the 2019-2020 school year ended as 'Honored Educators' by students, parents, colleagues, and community members.  A donation was made to the Warsaw Education Foundation in honor of each educator and each honoree received a pennant, pin and personal note from the donor.

Congratulations to:

Edgewood Middle School:  Mr. Fleming, Mrs. Kempton

Harrison Elementary:  Mrs. Debbie Bradley, Aimee Hagg, Wendy Harges, Linda Moore, Mrs. Deb Wiley

Jefferson Elementary:  Elizabeth Cauhorn, Leslie Tharp

Lakeview Middle School:  Mrs. Keffaber, Mr. Leek, Mr. McCollom, Mrs. McDillon, Mrs. Vastbinder, Nurse Joan Wells

Leesburg Elementary:  Mrs. Cox, Mr. Grant Hendrikse, Mrs. Lindsey Wallen

Warsaw Community High School:  Tracy Farmer, Thomas Hall, Mrs. Love, Jill Thallemer, Melissa Warner

WCS Administration:  Dr. Hoffert


Many Thanks to Our Donors!

The following is a list of donors who recognized Honored Educators in May 2019.  We thank them for their support!

Monica Braman
The Dawson Family
Jeanine DeGeeter
Troy, Nichole, Jayde, and Quinton Fifer
Desiree Griepentrog
Benjamin Maile
Rory Murphy and Family
The Overmyers
Hugo Ramirez
Claire, Jonah, and Heather Reichenbach
Rachel and John Stangland