Recognizing Honored Educators in December



The following teachers and staff members of Warsaw Community Schools were recognized right before the holidays during the week of December 16th as 'Honored Educators' by students, parents, colleagues, and community members.  A donation was made to the Warsaw Education Foundation in honor of each educator and each honoree received a pennant, pin and personal note from the donor.

Congratulations to:

Edgewood Middle School:  Mr. Dan Beam, Nurse Becky Bell, Mr. Brumbaugh, Mr. Culver, Thomas Dean, Susan Eberhardt, Mr. Halferty, Mrs. Hauselman, Mrs. Tricia Sederholm

Jefferson Elementary:  Mr. Marc Andrews, Angela Luecke, Evan Overman, Mrs. Melisa VanSickle, Tami Williamson

Lakeview Middle School:  Mrs. Nikki Wood

Leesburg Elementary:  Miss Heidi Class, Mrs. Mariah Lewis, Senora Solemar Rosario

Lincoln Elementary:  Mrs. J. Henry

Madison Elementary:  Tracy Berger, Mrs. Byron, Carmen Elliott, Monique Lyon, Miss Mason, Robin Reichard, Terry Sims

Warsaw Community High School:  Angie Heinsman, Ms. Mills, Mr. Morrical, Doug Ogle, Kirsten Owens

Washington STEM Academy:  Gretchen Hall, Mr. Hawblitzel, Christi Overman, Mr. Ray, Mrs. Sarah Tucker



Many Thanks to Our Donors!

The following is a list of donors who recognized Honored Educators in December 2019.  We thank them for their support!

Dan, Heidi & Cayman Blake
Blake Bolland
William Carlile
Jacey Ellinger
John Elliott
The Flamm Family
Kason Fleming & Family
Andrea Grable
Daniel Hampton
John Hampton
The Jarrett Family
The Klingaman Family
Nici Lancaster
Andy & Jennifer Manes
Kitarth Mishra
Gabrien & The Rice Family
Josiah & The Rice Family
Gabe Riffle
Lucas Riffle
The Rohrer Family
The Smith Family
Aspen Stanley
Emma Stanley
The Stanley's
Jerry & Michelle Yeager Family
Judy Yeager