Recognizing Honored Educators


The following teachers and staff members of Warsaw Community Schools were recognized in May as 'Honored Educators' by students, parents and community members.  A donation was made to the Warsaw Education Foundation in honor of each educator and each honoree received a pennant, pin and personal note from the donor during the week of May 5th, Teacher Appreciation Week.

Congratulations to:

Claypool Elementary:  Amy Rice

Harrison Elementary:  Dan Graney, Emily Grimm, Stephenie Lee, Jodi Leek, Mrs. McClintock, Sarah South

Jefferson Elementary:   Mrs. Boyer, Peg Burgher, Mrs. Duncan, Dawn Pickens, Nicki Reeder, Sherri Snow, Tami Williamson

Lakeview Middle:  Dennis Hershberger, Bryon Weinstein

Leesburg Elementary:  Mrs. Bumgardner, Heidi Class

Lincoln Elementary:  Miss Zellers 

Madison Elementary:  Leigh Cox

Warsaw Community High School:  Kaleigh Felisberto, Nancy Heiden, Kelsi Johnson, Jon McDillon, Anne Slaughter, Bob Turner

Washington STEM Academy:  Cathy Hood, Mr. Nieter, Derek Pike, Nicole Ryman-Dick, Courtney Thrasher

Transportation:  Jim Merritt


Many Thanks to Our Donors!

The following is a list of donors who recognized Honored Educators in May 2014.  We thank them for their support!

Emma Bonifield
Gracie Bowers
Macy Carlile
Madhuri Chabukswar
Jeremy & Criss Corson
Felix A. Cruz
Francisco A. Cruz
The D'Antonio Family
Jeanine DeGeeter
Liam Gale
Reilan Gale
Matt Hiester
Christopher Hindsley
Amslie Howett
Conner Hyde
The Kaser Family
Chloe, Chad & Meighan Laird
Rose Love
M S Holdings
Helen Miles
Rory Murphy
The Niemier Family
Shannon Randels
Nathan Reeder
Bob & Marcia South
Joe & Brooke Stanley
Zane Studebaker
Ryan, Kelli, Noah & Emma VanPuffelen
Barbara Vega
Drew & Luke Yeager & Family