Recognizing Honored Educators


The following teachers and staff members of Warsaw Community Schools were recognized in December as 'Honored Educators' by students, parents and community members.  A donation was made to the Warsaw Education Foundation in honor of each educator and each honoree received a pennant, pin and personal note from the donor during the week of December 15, 2014 - right before Christmas Break.

Congratulations to:

Claypool Elementary:  Taylor Bean, Brock Rhodes, Amy Rice

Edgewood Middle School:  Mr. Andrew Bass, John Etchison, Noel Howett, Mr. Netzley

Eisenhower Elementary:  Mrs. Debbi Buhlmann, Carissa Buttermore, Mrs. Doberstein, Sandy Fly, Jennifer Goshert, Deb King, Andrew Streit, Mrs. Angie Winter, Michelle Yantz, Mr. Henry Zehr

Harrison Elementary:  Mrs. Bradley, Cafeteria Staff,  Stephenie Lee, Tyler Runkle, Mr. Lee Snider

Jefferson Elementary:   Mr. Kyle Carter, Deb DeMuth, Mandy Duncan, Brogan Gargis, Mr. McClintock, Denise Northern, Nicki Reeder, Julie Reust, Ashley Setser, Sherri Snow, Mona Steiner, Tami Williamson

Lakeview Middle:  April Boggs, Angie Kleopfer, Doug Light, Joseph Peloza

Leesburg Elementary:  Stacy Huffer

Lincoln Elementary:  Mrs. Kendall, Mrs. Milliman, Mrs. Paula Shank, Mrs. Walenga, David Wayne, Ms. Jane Zellers

Madison Elementary:  Mr. Bolduc, Mrs. Denzer, Mrs. Reneker, Mrs. Sims, Amy Swihart, Mrs. Cindy Tabor, Mrs. Walker

Warsaw Community High School:  Alan Clark, Brianna Flanegan, Mrs. Jasen Gibbens, Traci Hamilton, Angie Heinsman, Marc Huffer, Phil Jensen, Rose Love, Barb Martz, Miss McAfee, Barbara McCollom, Doug Ogle, Cole Richards, Stan Seiss, John Snyder, Leah Sprunger, Tom Starkweather, Betsy Sudhoff, Matthew R. Thacker, Shu-Chun Tseng, Stephen Waldeck, Anne Willmert-Jordan

Warsaw Community Schools:  Dr. Hoffert

Washington STEM Academy:  Mrs. Angel Blakeley, David Burden, Mrs. Campbell, Christine Corson, Patrick Hazelton, Mrs. Julie Meyer, Tad Nieter, Derek Pike, Nicole Ryman, Courtney Thrasher, Mr. Wall

Transportation:  Gene Farrar, Jim Merritt


Many Thanks to Our Donors!

The following is a list of donors who recognized Honored Educators in December 2014.  We thank them for their support!

Kiana Ahmari
Amy's Students
Ron Baumgartner
Thomas, Ed & Tammy Boggs
Holden Bradford
The D'Antonio Family
Chris & Kim Dawson
Austin Fleming & Family
Justin Fleming & Family
Kason Fleming & Family
Konnor Fleming & Family
The Foster Family
Avimael Fugate
Lupita Fugate
Thad Harges
Toby Harges
David, Rachael, Ryun, Robinson and Roosevelt Hoffert
Adella-Mae, Emma-Claire & Owen Huffer
The Huffer Family
Michael Jensen
Samantha Jensen
Randy & Ruth Jones
The Katris Clan
The Klusman Family
The Luecke Family
Andrew Manes
Tim & Ann Mangas
Olivia Miller Family
The Murphy Family
Tad Nieter
Johanna & Erick Nieves
The Petro Kids
Dawn Pickens
Janet Price
Sophie Quraishi
Shannon Randels
Izzy Ray
Lucy Ray
Madelyn Ray
Michael Ray
Nathan Reeder
Claire Reichenbach & Family
Jonah Reichenback & Family
Abbi Richcreek
The Ritter Family
The Rose Family
Joe & Brooke Stanley
Elizabeth Stone
Zane Studebaker
Brian & Jennifer Swinehart
Mary, Grant & Olivia Thacker
Julia Tucker & Family
The Williams Family
Chris, Alina & Gracie Jane Willig
Tom & Amy Wurst