Recognizing Honored Educators in December



The following teachers and staff members of Warsaw Community Schools were recognized right before the holidays during the week of December 17th as 'Honored Educators' by students, parents, colleagues, and community members.  A donation was made to the Warsaw Education Foundation in honor of each educator and each honoree received a pennant, pin and personal note from the donor.

Congratulations to:

Edgewood Middle School:  Andy Bass, David Cook, Thomas Dean, Susan Eberhardt, Jason Fleming, Nicole Landon, Abbi Richcreek, Mr. Wise, Sam Wysong

Gateway Education Center:  Matt Brown

Jefferson Elementary:  Marc Andrews, Jennifer Hotchkin, Mrs. Miller, Michelle Rogers

Lakeview Middle School:  Mrs. Vastbinder

Leesburg Elementary:  Mrs. Cox, Mrs. McCleary, Mrs. Myers, Mr. Polston, Nurse Rachelle, Mrs. Wiggins

Lincoln Elementary:  Mrs. Shank, Ms. Jane Zellers

Madison Elementary:  Kari Asay, Tracey Berger, Jodi Hanson, Monique Lyon, Renee Parker, Elizabeth Peterson, Jennifer Solloway, Amanda Stookey, Amy Swihart

Warsaw Community High School:  David Bailey, Peter Barnett, Tony Boley, Sandy Carmichael, Brianna Flanegan, Emily Gough, Nancy Heiden, Angela Heinsman, Coach Hoover, Shaza Katrib, Barb Martz, Ashley Meulink, Doug Ogle, Mr. Jacob Riley, Loren Schaefer, Amanda Taylor

Washington STEM Academy:  Mrs. Angel Blakeley, Ms. Harvuot, Nicole Ryman, Courtney Thrasher, Paige Wood

Transportation:  Mrs. Bedwell, Gina Keener


Many Thanks to Our Donors!

The following is a list of donors who recognized Honored Educators in December 2018.  We thank them for their support!

Tara Akers
Tyler Akers
Thomas Boggs & Family
Monica Braman
Tara Carlile
Brooklyn Deal
Austin, Kason & Konnor Fleming & Family
Tina German
Abigail Gordon
Katelyn Gordon
Colton Hunt
Hyden/Moneyheffer Families
The Jarrett & Family
Molly & Jacob Kissling and Family
Andy & Jennifer Manes
Rob & Renee Parker
Stan & Vicky Patterson
The Ray Family
Joan Rhodes
Julie Riffle
Scott, Kelli & Evan Schneider
Shaves & Fades Barbershop
Aspen Stanley
Emma Stanley
Joel & Heather Wihebrink
Jerry & Michelle Yeager Family